Our Impact

It’s our partners and volunteers helped us to grow to this status. We are able to make a huge difference; it’s their dedicated contribution of time, skills, donations and funds to our cause.

People sometimes wonder about the impact that one short-term volunteer can make. At first glance, it is sometimes hard to measure the difference one volunteer has made in a few weeks. But when thousands of people donate a short amount of time to the same long-term goals, we achieve massive progress together. We know that with short-term volunteering, the onus is on the organization to provide support and resources. Kenosis volunteers work with some of the most vulnerable groups in the world and we take that responsibility seriously. We are proud to provide the structure that our volunteers need to help change communities and explore the world in a meaningful way.

Volunteering abroad is an act of service and an opportunity for self-reflection. The willingness to step outside your comfort zone to help and learn from others is no small feat, and we love connecting people around the world ready for adventure and eager to make an impact.

Our Social Impact

Hundreds of our placements worldwide focus on the social well-being of the communities we serve. Our volunteers can help in providing support to local teachers who struggle with overcrowded classrooms and a lack of resources, or equip care centres with the tools to encourage and monitor early childhood development.

Our volunteers work to increase literacy rates at our projects around the globe, run medical outreach programs provide primary health care services to those in need, and work with partner organizations to provide care for those living with disabilities.

Our Economic Impact

We have numerous projects around the world that help improve the economic standing of communities and people in need. Thanks to the continued support of our volunteers, we have been able to provide resources to our projects across the globe, and boost the economic growth and activity of the underprivileged communities we support.

Through our Microcredit, Microfinance, entrepreneurship, and vocational skills projects, volunteers train beneficiaries on book-keeping, marketing, and fiscal management. These loans allow small business owners to escape harsh working environments, gain independence, and grow existing businesses in developing countries where loans and financial assistance are hard to get. We offer overseas voluntary and internship work placements including teaching, care, conservation & environment, medicine & healthcare, journalism, law & human rights, international development, business, and more.

Ways you can help

Beyond the skills of our volunteers, we recognize the need for material assistance. We are now able to respond to an immediate demand where the availability and affordability of resources is scarce through volunteers. We also seek for partners, donors, individual, and group’s sponsorship for livelihood and education of dehumanized women and girl children of disadvantaged and underprivileged communities to make a lasting impact on the communities. We aim to increase the number of donations and multiplying the effect of our volunteers’ work in-destination in India.

Every individual donation is very important to us. Your contribution is needed and deeply appreciated!

If you are inspired in any one of our charity projects, Please click here to support.