Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

A world without poverty, patriarchy and injustice in which every person enjoys the right to life with dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage young people to volunteer for worthwhile work in developing countries. We expect that doing this kind of voluntary work will in time become the norm. As more and more people join us, we aim to create a multi-national community with a passion to serve, to learn, to understand, to teach, to inspire, and to be inspired.

Our Values

As a value-led organization, we stand for many things, we run on essential values such as:

  • Being Responsible –for oneself and society. We live to create a safe place, peace and harmony;
  • Constantly Innovating – the methodology and approach to develop remote communities;
  • Providing a Trusted Service – serving all without discrimination of color, religion and language;
  • Dignity – my rights, your rights, and for all of us!
  • Striving for Awesomeness – inspiring youths by being a part of making the change;
  • Inherit and foster other cultures – fostering, empathetic listening, living in the present with compassionate hearts;
  • Sustainability – individual and in the community through constant economic empowerment,
  • Passion – for the development of human dignity;
  • Accountability and transparency- for resources and the utilization of funds for designated purpose only.
  • Contribution–We believe in helping where help is needed, even in far-away places, whether it is needed by an individual, an organization, an environmental project, or an entire community; we need to respond as effectively as we can with our abilities and our resources.
  • Company–We believe that the most efficient way to organize people and resources for our activities is through a for-profit company; it allows for the pooling of resources and the dispersal of risk, and it encourages innovation.
  • Community– We believe that our colleagues, our volunteers, and our partners, who make up our multi-national community, determine our success. We recognize that each individual has a unique ability to contribute, which we must nurture.
  • Culture–We believe in the value of cultural exchange between young people from different communities; such exchange helps to create a world with greater mutual respect and understanding.

Our Aim

The aims of Kenosis are to facilitate forums for young people to enable them to work on social action projects which are linked to issues that affect them within their local areas.

Our Objectives

Our objectives will be to work side by side with young people to encourage them to participate in a wide range of social action projects in their area, which will be appropriate for their age, gender, capability and to encourage growth in the health, education, livelihood, entrepreneurship, youth vocational skill training, and community aid development projects we work and focus on rural women and children in India.

Our Approach

  • We believe that the key to sustainable development is to carefully listen and understand the true needs of the underprivileged and unreachable remote communities, where “NO” NGOs or private organization worked before or exist till date.
  • We use a bottom-up approach through intensive community field research, interaction with indigenous people of the community find the pressing issues that put the needs of the community at the center.
  • Once we have established a trusting relationship with a community, we immediately get going with our assistance in addressing the needs of the women and children; especially 100% focus is on the girl children and youths at large.
  • We then leverage on the knowledge gained and goodwill earned to launch additional community development initiatives related to health, education, employment skill building and start or expands self business and income generating activities.
  • The ultimate focus is educated, empower and enable India to build a better life of the poorest of the poor, disadvantaged, underprivileged, and dehumanized  rural and urban communities in India.

How you can help

If you are interested to travel abroad and give back to society, you can apply now to volunteer, or intern for credit purpose.

You can make a huge difference, by the simple act of giving your time and skills as a volunteer!

If interested, ready and decided to travel abroad and explore Indian culture, please contact us at