Education Projects

The global objective of the Education Sector is to guarantee sustained access to quality education at all levels, especially disadvantaged and underprivileged Dalit (socially and economically marginalized) girl children in India.

To achieve that, KENOSIS has set the following specific goals:

Maintain 100% schooling rate in primary education.
Improve the enrollment and retention of children both at secondary and intermediate (pre-university) level.
Level of male and female literacy rates.
Reduce dropout, with particular attention to girls.
Support collective efforts of families and community-based organizations to promote improved infrastructure facilities in government institutions.
Guarantee that students, families and community-based organizations are aware of all relevant schemes, incentives and resources offered by the government.
Enhance employability through scholarships, coaching and training.

“Our programs have helped achieve 100% of enrollment of all eligible primary level students in government or private schools. The retention rates are as high as 93% up to the secondary education level and 75% up to the intermediate level.”

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