What prices included?

We have set prices on a weekly basis for both short (minimum 2 to 4 weeks) and long term (above 5 weeks to 3 or 6 months and above) stay. See the prices page for more details.

The backbone of our program is every volunteer gets access to this proprietary database upon acceptance into a projects abroad program. Our own online database that connects you to our administrative and support staff around the world.

What is Included in the Prices?

  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • Necessary work-related transportation
  • In-country induction with a staff member upon arrival
  • Support and 24 hour back-up from both our local, Denmark, Germany, USA and UK staff
  • Pre-departure support from  volunteer Advisor by email and phone
  • Organization of your project by our expert local coordinators, including a supervisor at your placement and worthwhile work to do
  • Safety and Back-up
  • Registration resource fee at local passport office (India)
  • Resource fee for guide and local partner organization
  • Contribution to the project of Kenosis
  • Administrative work (pre and post, communication, resource pack, and education materials, account process, etc.)
  • Staff salary and local transportation cost, communication and other related field support cost
  • A certificate or a letter of work experience

What’s not included?

  • Flight tickets from and to
  • Indian Visas (where applicable)
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical insurance
  • Spending money for bottled water, snack foods and dining out whilst on weekend excursions
  • Police clearance certificate

What we do with your money?

Project placement

The full organization of your project by our expert local coordinators, including a supervisor at your placement and worthwhile work to do.


Local host families are carefully selected because they are friendly, welcoming, and will go out of their way to look after our volunteers. Where we can’t provide host families we place our volunteers together in secure accommodation.


We will ensure you are provided with 3 square meals a day. You can’t work on an empty stomach!


During your time in-destination, all of your necessary work-related transportation costs will be covered by KENOSIS projects abroad.

Safety and Back-up

We have trained staff and partner organizations worldwide. In every country we have an office run by an experienced Overseas Director, trained in our head office. Staff can be contacted 24 hours a day. They are responsible for your general well being and liaise with your placement, accommodation, and our staff in USA, UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain and Malaysia to name a few.

Travel and Medical Insurance

Travel and medical insurance are not included in the price; you are not covered by the program fee, no matter where you are from or where you are going. You are advised to get your own travel and medical insurances. It is important that you carefully read the policy, especially regarding pre-existing medical conditions, to check that the cover meets with your needs. Volunteer’s ages 66+ will need to obtain alternative travel and medical insurance.

For further information, please contact kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com