Internship Abroad

International Internship Projects Abroad

In addition to volunteering, Kenosis offers excellent internship opportunities for those who want to gain international work experiences.  Interns will receive personal attention, guidance and feedback from their mentors while participating in these specially designed programs.  Upon completion, interns will have a professional reference and be able to set themselves apart from others when applying for jobs or promotions.

As an intern abroad with Kenosis projects abroad, you have the opportunity to boost your resume, gain new skills and practical experience, and engage in meaningful cultural exchange. In addition to your personal and professional growth, an international internship will also allow you to contribute to sustainable development and bring a more cross-cultural understanding to the world.

Internships and electives for students

  • Medical and Health Care Internship
  • Nursing internship, Dentistry
  • Occupational and Speech therapy
  • Nutrition internship
  • Pharmacy internship
  • Midwifery internship
  • Micro-finance project
  • Microcredit project
  • Social Work internship
  • TEFT Teaching in English
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Counselling and Psychology
  • Students Medical Elective
  • Montessori Teaching
  • Law and human rights to name a few.

These programs focus on allowing you to gain valuable experience and work alongside qualified professionals in your chosen field.

When you intern abroad

  • You can travel as an intern abroad at any time of the year, for as long as you want.
  • You can use your experience for university credit if you are in school. We recommend speaking to a school advisor about this.
  • Your focus is on gaining experience and skills, so most of our Intern Abroad programs do not require previous experience.
  • You will take on an active role in your placement and observe the challenges faced when interning abroad.
  • Click here to know more about the benefits of internships abroad.

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