Volunteer Ambassador

Volunteering Ambassador Program Abroad

Role Description

Purpose of the Ambassador Volunteering Role:

Each year the Kenosis Foundation (KF) Volunteer Centre recruits a group of student volunteers to help inspire fellow Kenosis students/ new volunteers to give their time, and skills for good causes. The Student or professional Volunteering Ambassador role aims to be fun, interesting and flexible

Jordyn Curl, from USA did internship with Women’s Empowerment in rural communities, Tamilnadu, India(South)

and therefore fits well around existing volunteers and studies, while increasing awareness of the mission, vision, and work of Kenosis, and bridging gap between Kenosis and volunteers to get engaged in the daily activities of Kenosis and its partner in India.

What are the objectives of the role?

  • Inspiring your fellow colleagues, friends, family members, students and neighbours and promoting the work of the Kenosis to volunteer with us.

Networking Vs Volunteers:

  • Talk to friends, colleagues, students, universities, and schools abroad about volunteering and internship opportunities by exchanging latest information with flyers, and brochures.
  • Find potential contacts as volunteers (solo and groups), to mentor and recruit them or connect them to the head office of the Kenosis in Bangalore, India

Online Social Media Support:

  • Help us in promoting causes across social media, blog, and build an online forum with Kenosis to exchange day to day activities of Kenosis and future volunteering opportunities in India and Nepal.


  • Promoting our online fundraiser to raise funds to reach our goal and support ongoing projects in India.

Support representative:

  • Research and talk or make a presentation to students of local schools, medical institutes, technical institutions and universities abroad and distribute flyers and brochures.
  • Networking support with those institutions by writing email on behalf of Kenosis to build long ter

    Kelly Belmans volunteered with Street and disadvantaged children in Bangalore

    m partnership for exchanging students volunteering, internship and intercultural exchange programs with Kenosis.

Content and Posters:

  • Help us in editing and writing the contents of future publications and making posters for promotion with innovative ideas and suggestions.


  • As an advisory, has more opportunities to spare your times, skills and innovative plans in major decision making process for the development of charity projects and increase more chances for recruiting international volunteers from abroad.

 How much time will the activities take?

This is only a voluntary support in the welfare and development of poor, disadvantaged and impoverished women and girl children we work in India. We appreciate your keen interest, willingness to take active participation in the interest of Kenosis vision and mission. Blog writing, social media, presentation, organizing events, and meeting groups, can take place flexibly around your busy schedule. You are most welcome to spare your times and skills as per your convenience.

What can you expect from the Kenosis?

  • An opportunity to be part of a wider Kenosis community
  • An opportunity to inspire other students
  • Meet new friends, groups and professionals
  • Support to develop particular skills identified as areas to improve or build personal and professional skills
  • Organize solo and group volunteering and intercultural exchange programs in India and learn and expand your knowledge into actions with bigger groups.

    Medical Mission Volunteering & Internship in India

  • Extra support where needed
  • It’s an opportunity to present and use your skills in pitching/public speaking to students of the future generation and institutions
  • A team building opportunity, conduct training and offer your assistance to organize and execute social actions, and events to name a few


We’d like our ambassadors to be a reflection of society so no matter what age or profession you have please does apply. We’d particularly like to embark student ambassadors to share their personal story and be an inspiration for the many students seeking internship placement.

Contact Us:

To make a double impact on your travel, to use your time and talents to make a real difference in your life and the lives of others, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately at kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com