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Through volunteering and travel, we can grow to understand ourselves, the world, and the people we share it with.

Have you ever wanted to experience a different culture through the eyes of a local? If you volunteer abroad with us you will get that chance!

All of our programs are completely immersive. You will be living, eating, working, and laughing with those you are helping. It can be an eye opening experience that brings lasting friendships and increased awareness about the world around you. So what are you waiting for? Volunteer abroad with Kenosis Foundation (KF) today!

Now is the time to volunteer abroad!

There has never been a better time in human history than right now, in this moment to do something meaningful for others. It’s the perfect chance to take that trip you’ve always talked about – to leave the office behind and trade that keyboard for a shovel. Volunteering abroad affords you the opportunity to take a leap outside of your comfort zone and encounter something new. During your volunteer journey, you will experience unique values and traditions and come away with a new perspective on the world – and possibly yourself!

We are always looking for more volunteers to help out with event organization, charity communication, or any other skill that could contribute to the development, and sustainable growth of the Kenosis.

Volunteering is flexible, fun, and a great way to meet international like-minded people. If you want to receive an invite for the next volunteer meet up, just leave your details with us!

Stretching from the summits of the Himalayas to the white sandy beaches of Goa. India is a country thriving with culture, teeming with people and home to some pretty stunning landscapes! Pulsating with life; this destination should be on everyone’s hit list! So what better way to tackle this place than with a volunteer experience through KENOSIS.

KENOSIS programs change your lives. They shape you to be at home in a culture that was once alien to you. They provide you with friendships from around the globe. While traveling you love to meet locals and get an insight into their lifestyle. Help your host with the daily work or project to get it done. No matter what your budget, we’ve got an adventure for you in summer 2017. If you’re interested, submit an inquiry form or request a call-back and we’ll advise you on the each of our options that we think you’ll like. Take a look at our top summer selections and see where the sun takes you this year.

They give you transferable skills which will make you and your CV stand out from the crowd. The benefits of travelling are priceless. That’s why at KENOSIS, we have great value-for-money internship and volunteer programs to suit students, graduates, gap year’s goers and everything in-between.

With Kenosis, you can travel with purpose and explore the world as a volunteer abroad. We offer hundreds of worthwhile projects in more than 30 developing states of India, a multicultural country. You will find that there is a program to suit every skill level and interest.  Each project is designed to benefit the community and contribute to the sustainable development of underprivileged and dehumanized communities in India.

Volunteer travel with Kenosis is unlike any other kind of travel. You’ll spend time with local people, work with locally run projects and stay in locally owned accommodation or guest house and in hotels. You’ll gain a unique insight into your chosen destination and make a positive contribution to the world we live in.

Although volunteering abroad is an incredibly worthwhile and fulfilling experience for the community and the volunteer, not all projects are as sustainable, reliable and safe as others.  The volunteer projects we work with are carefully sourced, and are run by our locally recruited in-country coordinators who research them to make sure that they are worthwhile and that the hard work of volunteers is going to make a difference in the long term. The Kenosis run charity projects are all round the year, flexible and affordable for everyone.

These projects existed before our partnership and would continue without our support, albeit a little slower in achieving their goals. It’s important to us that the projects we work with grow organically because that way those who know best about what the local community requires setting the development agenda. We believe it is vitally important to support worthwhile projects in a sustainable way that doesn’t have a destabilizing effect on their development and the wider community.

We offer volunteering opportunities for students, graduates, professionals and any others in :

  • Childcare Projects ( orphanage, physically challenged, old age home, kindergarden, day care to name a few)
  • Summer and Health Camps
  • Teaching Computer and IT skills
  • Agriculture and Farming
  • Building and Renovation
  • Medical and Health Care Internship
  • Nursing internship, Dentistry
  • Occupational and Speech therapy
  • Nutrition internship
  • Pharmacy internship
  • Midwifery internship
  • Micro-finance project
  • Microcredit project
  • Social Work internship
  • TEFT Teaching in English
  • Women’s Empowerment
  • Counselling and Psychology
  • Students Medical Elective
  • Montessori Teaching
  • Sports Coach Internship in India
  • Law and human rights to name a few

When you volunteer abroad:

  • You do not really need any qualification, previous experience and any other requirements.
  • You can start your project whenever you want
  • You can volunteer abroad from one week to a full year and you decide how much time you can commit
  • You will become part of a global network of international volunteers
  • Our trained and resident staff members will ensure that you have all the backup and support you need as a volunteer abroad.
  • It’s your gap year, so we’ll tailor make your travel plans to suit you. When it comes to volunteering, it’s always a good idea to take part in a project which will use your strengths (i.e. – If you want to be a teacher, teach abroad!).
  • You don’t have to have to be a Premier League footballer to inspire children to play a sport, or to set up a cool competition for them to take part in. If you enjoy sport, then it’s a good idea to get stuck in with a sports based project whilst on your gap year too- as it won’t feel like work at all!
  • Again, talent is not a priority (we like to think we can win the X Factor, but alas- we probably/definitely will not). If however you can hold a decent tune, think about songs you might be able to teach the children – it’s a great way for the littleness’ to learn English.
  • If you’ve done a first aid course or are interested in nursing, you could work in a hospital or clinic facility. A lot of our medical programs don’t require any qualifications, so you do have any- that’s a massive bonus!
  • Speaking the local language is not a major requirement. You will learn to speak as you get involved with the local people, while interacting. Language skills and the ability to communicate non-verbally will be very useful if you volunteer in a non-English speaking project.  TEFL/GCSE/A Level/High School Diploma standard languages will really help you with some of our projects. You might even find yourself playing interpreter for other volunteers. Don’t let not speaking a language stop you though – loads of our projects will actually help you learn the language (if you want to, that is!).
  • You can boost your CV and build your career life.
  • You will have several benefits of volunteering abroad in hundred folds, when you volunteer with Kenosis Abroad projects.
  • If you want a hand, don’t hestitate in giving our travel advisors a call- they’re travel geniuses!

Any other information, please email us to kenosisfoundation@yahoo.com