Medical Mission Trip to Rural India in 2018

October 10, 2017

Medical Mission to India in 2018

It’s hard to put into words what this 2018 has for you health and medical professionals and students to offer your time and skills to give back to society in need. The amount of learning, interpersonal growth, appreciation, resiliency and graciousness that happens is something to behold in and of itself. The culmination of these things makes everyone better off as we actively participated in the mending of more than just faces, but the mending of lives as well.  Kenosis Foundation, in India has several opportunities to offer you through Outreach programs, health and medicine trips for everyone.

We recruit solo and group volunteers and interns or invite a group of medical mission healthcare professionals and non-healthcare professionals in the following areas for each mission and learning through service mission projects:

  • Pre-Medical Students
  • Pre-Dental Students
  • Nursing Students
  • Medical Students
  • Medical Professionals
  • Lay Volunteers

Provide service in a mobile medical clinic in rural and slums communities in India. Our central focus and opportunity we provide for all international volunteers is to “learning through service” experience. Open to all volunteers, regardless of experience.

Outreach is an important part of the medical mission, and makes up nearly 30 percent of the total team. Outreach volunteers serve many different purposes on the mission, and can be asked to do anything and everything but the surgery itself. Outreach mainly supports the mission through managing the families and patients that are the recipients of life-changing surgery, and includes a variety of activities and duties. Examples include:

  • help the nursing and surgical staff run supplies
  • distribute food and water to medical staff
  • manage families and patients during the initial screenings
  • provide comfort to patients and families during pre and post-op
  • scrubbing surgical instruments in the OR
  • go to the market to buy supplies
  • distribute go-home care packages
  • bring patients and their families home from the hospital

Community outreach projects involve dental education and clothing and toy distribution during visits to orphanages and schools. The Outreach volunteers have the unique opportunity to help in the hospital setting and also experience everyday life in the community.

The proposed dates in this schedule is just tentative only, we work as per your convenient and flexible dates and duration only. So please tell us when you want to start your volunteer mission trips, how long, and end date, number of people, expertise skills, and any other concerns or inquiries, we will send your more details. To organize your trip, please contact our Country coordinator or Director of Kenosis Foundation (KF), Bangalore, India.

Expectations of a Kenosis Volunteer:

  1. Expert in your specialty and the position you apply for
  2. Service-minded with realistic expectations
  3. Adaptable and resourceful under demanding and changing conditions
  4. Culturally sensitive and a team player
  5. In good health to travel and work in a developing country
  6. Able to provide the funds to participate

Please talk to one of our Country Coordinator or Director of Kenosis in India to organize your solo or group mission trip with Kenosis.

You may contact us at or call us at +919900724842