European Voluntary Service (EVS) Program

The aim of kenosis through the European Voluntary Service (EVS) is to support young people’s participation in various forms of voluntary activities, based in India.

For this, we seek EU funded organizations to partner and send their EVS participants to kenosis, a host from India, an outside the European Union. Under this Action, young people take part individually or in groups in non-profit, unpaid activities.

The service activities can be, for example, teaching in local disadvantaged schools and after school programs, environmental, arts and culture, activities with children, youth or the elderly, involving heritage, sports and leisure activities. It’s not the kenosis sends and sponsor the EVS participants. We only organize and facilitate your projects at the cost of EVS volunteers or interns, who come to us, ready to spare his or her time and skills in the development of our projects in India. Each project has three partners, a volunteer, a sending organisation and a host (kenosis) organisation in India.

The project takes place in India a country other than where the volunteer lives, must make profit, and should be for a limited period (minimum 2 to 4weeks and maximum 1 year) of time.  And of course, all volunteers are unpaid.

Seeing EU funded Organization abroad

For this, we seek EU funded partners from European countries to expand your network and projects with Kenosis, in India. Interested organization, please contact us at

Who can participate?

  • We welcome and allow a young person (18–30 years) to become an EVS volunteer or intern with Kenosis, India.
  • We accept volunteers or interns below 17 years however must get parent or guardians consent letter.

When to apply?

  • All our programs are throughout the year.
  • Flexible start and end date with longer duration if you decided to stay longer in the projects.
  • Affordable fee, which meets all you’re in country expenses.
  • No processing and application fee, only program fee.
  • At least 1-2 months advance, must submit application online, as your Visa process takes longer than expected duration.

Volunteering Duration:

  • EVS sending organization can send volunteers for a specified period, normally between 2–12 months.

Our opportunities

  • To know more about our volunteering and internship opportunities, please click here

Terms and Conditions:

  • Travel costs, food and accommodation, pocket money, insurance is not provided by Kenosis, as it’s a not for profit and just a receiver / host organization in India.
  • The sending organization must be able to provide cost of EVS.
  • We ask volunteers to become a member of KF.
  • At least 1-2 months advance, must submit application online, as your Visa process takes longer than expected duration.

Program Cost

  • It’s the volunteer or interns or EVS sending partner organization must meet the entire cost of the program. More details about program fee, please click here


Our staff will meet and greet you at Bangalore International Airport , Karnataka state, India and accompany you to the host house where you will be staying with the local host family or guest house until you leave the project.  Our staff will meet you with each volunteer, and together with the volunteer they will organise an appropriate preparation and orientation programme for all aspects of their volunteer project. This includes:

  • meeting with former long term volunteers
  • visits to similar projects in their locality
  • learning the local language of the project
  • practical issues – insurance, finances, visas, health etc

In addition, EVS Volunteers join in pre-departure and on-arrival training in the country they are going to.

How to Apply for EVS Projects

To apply for EVS or volunteering or internship, contact the KF office at