Youth Mentor and leadership Program

KENOSIS in partnership with European organizations abroad organises training courses for various target groups to promote the Inclusion of ALL young people within Erasmus+ Youth in Action.

KENOSIS is a platform for organizing and facilitating capacity building programs, workshops, and staff training in the field of health, education and community development projects for everyone at national and international level in partnership with other European organizations across world. 

During the training duration different activities will be implemented on local and on international level in order to build the capacities of the organizations and their communities for active youth participation.

The chosen topic to work on with the young people involved will be sustainable development and how they can make a difference for development in their own community using entrepreneurship and their own initiative. Also the project wants to support the validation and recognition of non-formal learning and education for our own youths in India by the support of our partners who like to invest your funds to build the capacity of youths who are under and unemployed.   Therefore, different activities will bring together these persons in charge in order to discuss the local dimension and develop new youth work methods that will train young people local but connect them globally at the same time with the help of the here established network of young people.

They are a great opportunity to learn, network and offered by our Resource Centre, National Agencies and by our local different NGOs as partners in India.

Get a taste of mobility capacity building projects

In only 3-5 working days, we show you the possibilities to offer for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and working professionals, who always see for opportunity to develop their own professional skills. An international youth project (youth exchange, voluntary service,) might just be the life-changing opportunity for the disadvantaged young people you are working with: e.g. those from minority backgrounds, with special needs, with socio-economic difficulties, discriminated groups, in difficult situations, with limited opportunities.

This Mobility Taster course gives you concrete examples of what is possible, brings you in contact with other inclusion youth organisations, shows you what funding is available specifically for youth inclusion projects and walks you step-by-step through the process in case you would like to give it a try.

Kenosis aims?

Capacity building projects in the field of youth aim to:

  • foster cooperation and exchanges between Programme and Partner Countries
  • improve the quality and recognition of youth-work, non-formal learning, and volunteering in Partner Countries and enhance synergies with education systems and the labour market
  • foster new non-formal learning mobility schemes and programmes, and
  • Promote transnational non-formal learning mobility between Programme and Partner Countries, with a focus on the under-privileged.

Kenosis capacity building projects focus on activities that

  • promote strategic cooperation between youth organisations and public authorities (in Partner Countries)
  • promote cooperation between youth and education organisations, as well as business and the labour market
  • build the capacity of youth organisations and authorities
  • enhance the management, governance, innovation capacity and internationalisation of youth organisations
  • launch, test, and implement youth work-practices, such as professional development and informal learning
  • promote new forms of training and new approaches to youth work
  • Promote cooperation, networking, and peer-learning to improvement the management of youth organisations.

Who is the course for?

  • This course is for NEWCOMERS to Erasmus+ Youth who are directly working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds (e.g. youth worker, social worker…).
  • If you NEVER organised an international youth project with your target group before and would like to know what is possible, then this course is for you!
  • If you already organised mobility projects for young people, please check with us our Asian training calendar for a more appropriate youth work training because this Mobility Taster is for NEWCOMERS 😉
  • If it’s for school-related activities such as school exchanges or projects for pupils, please contact the Lifelong learning colleagues of Erasmus+ for this.

When and How to apply

All European partners, individuals and groups can apply to organize and facilitate short (2-4 weeks) and long term (above 4 weeks) workshops and training courses in India through kenosis Foundation, based in Bangalore city, Karnataka state, south part of India.

Duration and course fee

We are not a funded organization to sponsor your entire cost of the programs such as travel, food & lodging, and local sightseeing. You might be asked for a small contribution towards the costs.  It starts at 1200 Euros for 2 to 4 weeks training program courses in India. Only 15-20 participants are permitted to apply and attend the course at a time for a minimum duration of 2 weeks to 4 weeks. This course includes cultural exchange, parties, environment and agricultural farming, visit to agro industry, local sightseeing, visit to different charity development NGOs, and govt based organizations based on the various topics handled in the courses.

Organizing partner and team

We invite European based organizations, individuals and groups in these initiatives. Also, the Mobility Tasters will be run by 2 international trainers, experienced in inclusion and the Erasmus+ Youth programme, in cooperation with Kenosis, the lead organization in India.

Seeing EU funded Organization abroad

For this, we seek EU funded partners from European countries to expand their network with Kenosis, in India. Interested organization, please contact us at

Dates and venues

Kenosis offers program, all year round, flexible and affordable prices only.

Apply now

Please submit your online application form here.

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