Benefits of Cultural Exchange

Exposure to world-class practices

In this period where individuality must be matched with cultural diversity, it is such a great move for you to have that cross-cultural exposure through our cultural exchange programs. Interning/Training or studying abroad and dealing with different cultures allow a broader, more sophisticated worldview which should diversify thoughts and values.

Advanced hands-on training

You will gain career edge and global competitiveness due to your globalized resume –indeed a worthy investment for your future!

Enriching paid experiences

You will further discover and develop your skills and potentials through a secured position (for Internship/Traineeship) and a part-time position (for Work & Study) which may have opportunities also allows you to earn as much as US$8 to US$15 per hour or CAN/AU $17.25- 25, giving an immediate monetary return of your investment plus extra earnings, if you are placed in European countries, but not available such paid volunteering and internship in India.

1-month post-internship travel period

Due to strong Western influences, it might be every Kenosis volunteers and interns dream to travel to the Asia (India) to experience the different Indian culture, community, food, festivals, environment, see the monuments and architect, waterfalls, wild elephants and other animals, visit to several amazing tourist spots, or drive across the Golden Mysore palace, Taj Maghal, British build Forts, and India Gate Ways. With the Asia travel and tour Programs as a volunteer, you can do those and more after your internship for a well-timed grace period of 1 month.

Independent living

In a culture where family ties are one of our most notable values as Kenosians participants, it can indeed be very challenging for you to be away from home. However, this can be a very pivotal moment that will naturally lend itself to your personal discovery by pushing you outside your comfort zone as you enhance your personalities, preferences, and sense of utmost responsibility. This will be a gift of lifetime’s worth.

Culturally-diverse network of friends and acquaintances

The core of all cultural exchange programs is to bridge the global conflict brought about by glaring cultural differences. Through immersion of the young generations like you, who are bound to be the world’s future leaders, culturally dynamic ideas and practices are shared, understood, and respected.

Personalized service and assistance from the CIA Team

Our team consists of friendly and professional coordinators who will make sure that your internship/traineeship application is on-track and well-organized. The below services will be provided:

  • Visa processing and/or lodging
  • Orientation & Training
  • Mock Visa Interview
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Embassy assistance
  • Pre-departure orientation

More details about your fee, board and lodging, application form, please visit volunteer Info on our websites.

You can also contact us at