Living Arrangements


Varies depending on the location. All locations provide shared, single-gender rooms, guest house and host families. During the volunteer week in Goa, participants will stay in shared rooms in a volunteer centre which is fully equipped with computers, a kitchen, hot showers and a garden. If you want individual rooms or hotels, you are requested to mention in details when you apply. This is possible to organize in Bangalore, not in remote locations. Staying in hotel or individual rooms cost extra, which will be informed in advance. All hotels will have access to hot showers. Private rooms can be provided on nights where the group stays in hotels an additional fee.


In most locations you will be provided with 3 full meals per day. If you do not want meal during week days and holidays, while you are on local trip or sightseeing or eating outside, you are advised to inform us 24 hours early, So that we do not waste food.


If you are placed in hotels, are equipped with wifi, as is the volunteer centre in Bangalore city. Remote locations such as homestay, guest house and camping will not have internet access. However, you can get Indian SIM card to access internet, receive and send phone calls at your own convenience.


Laundromats are available in each city. However, no laundry service in rural communities, but volunteers can use local laundry facilities by paying extra fee.

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