University Credits

Academic Credit for Volunteering or Interning Abroad

Many of our participants are university students who get credit for their time abroad.

Since Kenosis is not an academic institution we do not issue credit ourselves. However, many students receive credit by special arrangements at their home institution, or by transferring credit from our partners.

Being rewarded for hard work volunteering abroad is not limited to university students! If you are a high school student please instead see our High School Specials section for information on receiving community service hours with Kenosis Foundation (KF) abroad.

There are several ways for fresh college students or recent graduates to receive credit for their experience volunteering with Kenosis.

Independent Credit at Your Home College or University

You might be able to get credit directly from your home college or university. Check your course catalog for requirements around independent study or internship credit. Then, make an appointment with your academic advisor to discuss your desire to volunteer with Kenosis – many advisors are already familiar with us.

When you meet with your advisor, bring with you:

  • A print-out of the web page describing the project you want to do
  • Your desired dates of travel
  • A Kenosis projects abroad brochure
  • A print-out of where our alumni have attended university, especially if yours is on the list.
  • A written proposal of how the project relates to your academic program, particularly if you intend to use you time for research for a dissertation or thesis.

We will do everything we can to help you get credit. We can sign forms, write letters verifying your participation in our projects, or talk to your school administrators ourselves. Please contact us if you have any questions about how Kenosis in abroad can help you get credit from your university.

Credit for Students

Students enrolled at any State University campus can receive credit for participation in our projects abroad program through our partnership with Kenosis, in India.

Credit for any College or University Student

Regardless of where you study, if your university allows it, you can transfer credit from Kenosis. While the process for transferring credits is different at institution, we will provide an outline of the usual steps.

For further information, please contact us at